Friday, August 5, 2011

A last minute summer wedding in Victoria BC by Artistry in Bloom

Yesterday I did a small last minute wedding.

The bride had decided she wouldn't have
flowers at her wedding and just carry Peacock feathers.

Her mother wanted a more traditional wedding so she decided to buy the wedding flowers as a gift.

Special flowers and colours are usually pre-ordered a month ahead of time so with only a week's notice it was a bit of a challenge to find the right purple and red tones the mother requested.

If you are going to do a last minute wedding summer is the best time.

I was able to use some flowers from the garden center like deep red geraniums, purple verbena, purple heliotrope, and Aloha Lily to complement the more traditional flowers.
When the mother arrived to pick up the flowers she was tickled to see the peacock feather I had attached to the front of the vase for the ceremony flowers.

It was a beautiful day with a beautiful waterfront location for the wedding and I hope the flowers added a special touch above and beyond the peacock feathers.