Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Flowers In Victoria BC

Artistry in Bloom's Spring Floral Designs

Tulips,viburnum,stocks,hyacinth,lisianthus, and helleborus

 Modern greenhouse horticulture means that "spring" flowers are no longer limited to spring and can be enjoyed throughout the winter months.

Anemones, bouvardia,  tulips, freesia, waxflower, and helleborus

Commercially grown spring flowers such as tulips, irises, and anemones are available in flower shops from November until late May or early June. Greenhouse daffodils and hyacinth are available in early January and no longer mark the onset of spring.

Hyacinth,Viburnum, Helleborus, and Muscari

A sure sign that spring is finally here is the ornamental plum trees suddenly changing from dull stark branches to full fluffy clouds of white blossoms. Helleborus and muscari have come into bloom and soon the garden will come alive with the fresh perfume of all kinds of colourful flowers.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Roses are Red,Violets are Blue-Valentine Floral Designs by Artistry in Bloom Victoria BC

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.Sugar is sweet and so are you.

 I can't remember ever seeing a flower arrangement with red roses and blue violets and yet the poem is one of the most popular Valentine sentiments.

I searched online and sure enough I couldn't find any flower arrangements that had both red roses and blue violets.  I decided to do a few myself to capture the feeling of that popular romantic poem.

Whether you're looking for something nostalgic, sweet, funny ,romantic, playful, or even sexy you will find some unique arrangements in my ( Monthly and Holiday special section.

 I suggest asking for a delivery date the day before Valentine's Day so that your love will feel extra special all day Valentine's Day. Others will wait and hope throughout the day that something will arrive for them as they look longingly at your love's beautiful flowers.

Yes it's true that flowers are a bit more expensive on Valentine's Day .This is due to supply and demand . The growers and wholesalers both raise their prices forcing florists to do the same.

Remember it's only once a year. One day once a year that she can feel really special and loved and after all she's worth it. Surprise her with flowers and she will love you for it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sunny Flower arrangements by Artistry in Bloom Victoria BC

Sunny Flower Arrangements to brighten your day

The wind may be howling outside, the rain may be lashing on your windows, and the cold may be chilling you to  the bone, but you can still have a bit of summer inside.

A fresh flower arrangement with colours as warm as the summer sun and scented like a fresh day in spring can chase away the winter blues.

Of course they won't last forever but long enough to give your spirit a boost and they are always available whenever you think you just can't survive another dull grey day.

 Don't forget the power of the flower whenever you want to brighten someone's day.Flowers bring smiles to the faces of those who receive them and looks of envy from those that watch the flower delivery person pass them by.