Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Flowers in Victoria BC by Artistry in Bloom

I can't believe Christmas is almost here!

This year we had a beautiful summer and a long warm autumn. In fact up until a few days ago most of the leaves were still on the trees but last Monday we went from warm to snow and now it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

This year I have added McBlooms to my gift line.
McBloom's natural bath and body products have an intoxicating fragrance and rich luxurious formula that will spoil anyone who receives them.

Also just in time for Christmas a new litter of Warm Buddy Puppies has just arrived.

These adorable puppies come with a natural heat pack inside that can be taken out and put in the microwave to warm your toes at night or soothe aches and pains.

Warm Buddies also have aromatherapy oils, mists, and bath salts which you can find in the gift section of my website-

If you are looking for something a little different for your dinner table Christmas centerpiece this Faux Christmas Cake might be just the right thing. You can choose the colour for the cake flowers and plate to match your holiday decor as long as you are not waiting until a few days before  Christmas to order.

If you are thinking of ordering flowers for Christmas this year I recommend you don't wait until the last minute. Last year I sold out the morning of Dec 24 and since it was too late to bring in more flowers I had to turn people away. We also suggest you ask for a delivery date a few days or even a week before Christmas so that your loved ones can enjoy the flowers throughout the holidays.         

I have embedded a holiday video which shows some of my holiday floral designs available for delivery within the Greater Victoria BC area.

Merry Christmas everyone!

You can also see a larger version of this video on Youtube and selecting HD for best viewing results;

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artistry in Bloom is Going Green

Artistry in Bloom is "Going Green" in more ways than one. Yes, I love using green flowers in my floral designs but more importantly than that I strive to be environmentally green.

Working from a design studio rather than a storefront has allowed me to be more environmentally friendly because I have more control over the waste associated with flowers and the packaging materials that vase shipments come in.

These are some of the things I do to have less impact on the environment:
-Use only energy efficient lighting.
-Use only non toxic green cleaning products.
-Recycle all boxes, bubble wrap, and packing materials that vases are shipped in.
-Take all waste stems, branches, and flowers to the local Yard Waste Center to be made into compost.
-Use all the old water from flower buckets to water my garden instead of pouring it down the drain.
In addition to this I purchase my flowers from "green" or organic growers and wholesalers. Green flower growers have adopted practices that reduce their impact on the environment by eliminating or drastically reducing the use of pesticides and other chemicals. Their workers are fairly compensated, taken care of with safe practices, and provided with medical plans. Green flowers are slightly more expensive but I feel they are well worth it.

Many South American flower growers have workers that have extreme medical problems and birth defects due to exposure to pesticides and other chemicals. They are poorly paid and are not provided with medical coverage for the resulting health problems. Not only do I not want to contribute to these unsafe practices but I do not want to handle chemically treated flowers myself or expose them to my customers even though there has not been any proven adverse effects to just handling these flowers.
Most of the flowers you find in the grocery stores come from these toxic farms because they are cheaper to produce than "green" flowers and the grocery stores seem to be more interested in price than the environment or poor working conditions of  farm workers.

Whenever I have a choice between locally grown or imported flowers I pick local flowers. Local flowers are much fresher and this supports local growers. It also reduces the impact on the environment because the flowers are not flown half way around the world. I feel it is everyone's responsibility to take whatever action they can to ensure a healthy planet for years to come.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pink Pizazz- A Passion for Pink Flowers in Victoria BC

Summer is finally here and everyone seems to have a passion for pink flowers.

I'm not sure why but maybe it's because we had such a terrible June that when summer arrived in July people were looking for fresh vibrant colours.

Over the last few weeks the demand for pink has been so great that it's hard to keep up with it.

These are just a few samples of some pink floral designs I have done recently.
I have listed the flowers on the pictures so you can see what pink flowers are available in July.

Of course there are many pink flowers available throughout the year but some, like the local peonies,
are only available for the month of June.

        Artistry in Bloom Floral Design Studio - Victoria BC-

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Four Seasons of Cut Flower Bouquets by Artistry in Bloom Victoria BC

Classy Cut Flower Bouquets by Artistry in Bloom Victoria BC

When to send and when not to send a cut flower bouquet as a gift:

A cut flower bouquet can be a wonderful gift but there are times when it is better to send a flower arrangement in a vase, basket, or other container rather than a cut flower bouquet.

Some helpful hints to consider are:

-Most hospitals will not accept a bouquet that is not in a vase. They do not have the time or staff to arrange flowers nor do they keep a supply of vases on hand.

-Cut flowers should never be sent for a funeral whether it is for the service or for the family at home.When people are grieving the loss of a loved one the last thing they want to worry about is finding vases and arranging flowers. A beautiful floral arrangement would be greatly appreciated in this case.

-Does the person you are sending flowers to like to arrange flowers or would they prefer that the flowers are already arranged and all they have to do is enjoy them?

-Flowers should be in water at all times to ensure a long life. If they are out of water for a short time they should be re-cut before placing in water because  the stems will partially harden and block the flow of water resulting in a shorter life. This is why so many people that order from wire services that ship flowers by Fed Ex are very disappointed when the flowers finally arrive.

However, when you order from a local florist there are many things we can do to make the gift a pure delight.

We deliver cut bouquets in water at all times until they are presented to the recipient with floral food and instructions. We also call first to make sure the person will be home for the delivery unlike Fed Ex who simply leave the box of flowers at the door.
The recipient frequently says they will be in and out all day and ask us to leave the bouquet at their doorstep. We will only leave flowers at the door with a request from the recipient if they are arranged in a vase or other container with a water source or we will explain that it is a cut bouquet and ask them to leave a container of water at their door .This way the life of the flowers is not cut short due to improper handling.
We also pre-arrange all our bouquets and present them in floral cones or hand tied so that all the recipient has to do is place them in water in their own vase. They are able to enjoy the flowers immediately rather than trying to arrange them so that they will look their best.
At Artistry in Bloom we have just brought in Blumeboxes so that bouquets can be delivered to businesses or homes without the possibility of being left out of water.The blumebox is not a vase. It is a one time solution for delivering bouquets with a water source.It is shaped like a vase and lined with a thick plastic bag which is half filled with water.The Blumebox is recyclable and can be plain or dressed with ribbon or even feather collars.
You can see examples of our cut flower bouquets in the Classy Cuts section as well as seasonal monthly bouquets in our Holiday and Monthly section of our website-

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mothers Day Flowers Victoria BC

A mother's love is a true treasure. As a florist I get to see the love between a mother and her children throughout the year but Mother's Day is that one day a year that we all honour our mothers and show them how much we care.

I did a short Youtube video to show a few examples of bouquets and arrangements that might make make Mother's Day a little more special.
Artistry in Blooms Mothers Day Video

Friday, March 5, 2010

Flowers for Men- Victoria BC-Series 6- Artistry in Bloom's Specialty Floral Designs

Recently I did a video for Youtube showcasing some of my floral designs. I sent the link to a male friend of mine and he emailed me back saying "Where are the flowers for men?"
It made me stop and think because I realized I did not have specific floral arrangements for men simply because most florists don't get many orders for men.
Mother's Day is the busiest time of the year but Father's Day is just like any other day. Sons and daughters rarely order flowers for their father whether it is for Father's Day or their birthday.However, if they are in the hospital or if someone died it is common for men to be sent flowers.
Why is that? Why do people think that men appreciate flowers in the sad times of their life but not for the celebrations?
Men that order flowers for women often call or email saying how beautiful the flowers are so obviously men appreciate and value flowers. It's just that women don't think to order flowers for men. Maybe when women think of flowers for men they are imagining the typical wire service arrangements in cheap baseball or football containers that are really more suitable for little boys than grown men. They don't realize that by ordering through a local independent florist there are other alternatives.
It is true that masculine coloured flowers like rusts and browns are mainly available in the fall months but floral designs for men can be created year round using structural elements. Men seem to prefer unusual shapes and structures over the type of flowers used.
I have added a section for men to my website- and if you give me enough advance warning (at least 2 days) I would be happy to incorporate something of particular meaning to personalize the design. It might be a fishing fly for an avid fisherman or a golf ball for a golfer or whatever you like as long as it is not too big.
Next time you can't think of what to get your man surpise him with flowers sent to his workplace. Remember how great you feel when he sends you flowers? Why not make him feel special too?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentines Flowers for Victoria BC Delivery by Artistry in Bloom

Valentine's Day is just around the corner so I thought you might like some suggestions on what to send and when to have your flowers delivered.
This year Valentines falls on a Sunday. Although normally closed on Sundays we will be open for deliveries on February 14. However, we do suggest you order your Valentine's flowers for delivery a few days before Valentines for several reasons.

Normally we can specify morning, afternoon, or end of day delivery times but for floral holidays such as Valentines or Mother's Day the demand for deliveries is so great that specific times cannot be guaranteed. We always phone to ensure the person will be home for delivery and usually the first thing they ask is "What time will it be?". On a normal day we can give a time frame within a few hours but that may not be the case on Valentine's Day and most people do not want to stay at home and wait for a delivery. We will leave the arrangement at the doorstep in a protected area but only with the recipient's prior consent. If you are ordering a cut bouquet of flowers that is not in a vase with water the bouquets cannot be left if the person is not home.

Secondly, if your Valentine works there is nothing more special than sending the flowers to her workplace sometime during the week prior to Valentines. We will include the "just couldn't wait heart card with your order. When a delivery person carrying flowers enters a workplace all eyes are on him until the flowers are presented to the lucky lady. The other ladies rush over to have a look at the flowers and say how lucky she is to have someone like you-so not only do you impress her but she will feel special as well.
This year if you are ordering before February 11 we are offering the option of adding delicious gourmet cupcakes from Ooh La La Cupcake Bakery to your flower order. The cupcakes are only available as an add on to your order but you can choose from 6 regular cupcakes or a sample pack of 12 mini cupcakes with all 12 of their flavours. Sweet and delicious like chocolates but something a little different.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Delectable Deliveries- series 5- Artistry in Blooms Specialty Designs

                                                          DELECTABLE DELIVERIES

Our Delectable Deliveries which are found on our website are a unique pairing of flowers and delectable delights. We have several combinations of floral arrangements which are paired with something delicious to make a one of a kind gift. Some examples include freshly baked cupcakes, cookies, or cakes.They are especially perfect for celebrations because they include not only the centerpiece but also a delicious treat.


Our Cupcake Combo is particularly popular for Mother's Day, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.
We do special floral designs and decorations for the Christmas and Valentine's Day package.

 Ooh La La Cupcake bakery is known for their wide range of delicious flavours and they are our choice for the cupcakes in our specialty packages.                                                                         

You will find the normal custom gift baskets and fruit baskets in our Delectable Delivery section as well as a picnic basket that would be perfect for someone moving into a new home.

All baked goods are made to order with two local bakeries. They are picked up very early in the morning the day of delivery and added to the floral design. These packages all must be ordered at least two days ahead of requested delivery date so that I can make arrangements to pick them up the day of delivery before our studio opens.
If you would like a custom package made up for you we would be pleased to accommodate you as long as you can give us at least two days notice.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blooming Baby Clothes Flower Baskets

Blooming Baby Clothes- series 4 in our Specialty Floral Arrangements

This is the fourth example of some of the specialty floral designs we create at Artisty in Bloom.
We shape baby clothes (3-6months or 6-9months sizes) into rosettes and place them in the middle of a basket of silk flowers so that they become part of the arrangement.

These are the baby clothes in the basket above that have been rolled into rosettes and placed in the basket.

Our baby bloom's baskets can be found in the "Oh Baby" section of

If you are looking to send something that is both
pretty and practial then this is the answer for a newborn baby gift.