Thursday, January 7, 2010

Delectable Deliveries- series 5- Artistry in Blooms Specialty Designs

                                                          DELECTABLE DELIVERIES

Our Delectable Deliveries which are found on our website are a unique pairing of flowers and delectable delights. We have several combinations of floral arrangements which are paired with something delicious to make a one of a kind gift. Some examples include freshly baked cupcakes, cookies, or cakes.They are especially perfect for celebrations because they include not only the centerpiece but also a delicious treat.


Our Cupcake Combo is particularly popular for Mother's Day, Christmas, and Valentine's Day.
We do special floral designs and decorations for the Christmas and Valentine's Day package.

 Ooh La La Cupcake bakery is known for their wide range of delicious flavours and they are our choice for the cupcakes in our specialty packages.                                                                         

You will find the normal custom gift baskets and fruit baskets in our Delectable Delivery section as well as a picnic basket that would be perfect for someone moving into a new home.

All baked goods are made to order with two local bakeries. They are picked up very early in the morning the day of delivery and added to the floral design. These packages all must be ordered at least two days ahead of requested delivery date so that I can make arrangements to pick them up the day of delivery before our studio opens.
If you would like a custom package made up for you we would be pleased to accommodate you as long as you can give us at least two days notice.