Friday, March 5, 2010

Flowers for Men- Victoria BC-Series 6- Artistry in Bloom's Specialty Floral Designs

Recently I did a video for Youtube showcasing some of my floral designs. I sent the link to a male friend of mine and he emailed me back saying "Where are the flowers for men?"
It made me stop and think because I realized I did not have specific floral arrangements for men simply because most florists don't get many orders for men.
Mother's Day is the busiest time of the year but Father's Day is just like any other day. Sons and daughters rarely order flowers for their father whether it is for Father's Day or their birthday.However, if they are in the hospital or if someone died it is common for men to be sent flowers.
Why is that? Why do people think that men appreciate flowers in the sad times of their life but not for the celebrations?
Men that order flowers for women often call or email saying how beautiful the flowers are so obviously men appreciate and value flowers. It's just that women don't think to order flowers for men. Maybe when women think of flowers for men they are imagining the typical wire service arrangements in cheap baseball or football containers that are really more suitable for little boys than grown men. They don't realize that by ordering through a local independent florist there are other alternatives.
It is true that masculine coloured flowers like rusts and browns are mainly available in the fall months but floral designs for men can be created year round using structural elements. Men seem to prefer unusual shapes and structures over the type of flowers used.
I have added a section for men to my website- and if you give me enough advance warning (at least 2 days) I would be happy to incorporate something of particular meaning to personalize the design. It might be a fishing fly for an avid fisherman or a golf ball for a golfer or whatever you like as long as it is not too big.
Next time you can't think of what to get your man surpise him with flowers sent to his workplace. Remember how great you feel when he sends you flowers? Why not make him feel special too?