Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Flowers In Victoria BC

Artistry in Bloom's Spring Floral Designs

Tulips,viburnum,stocks,hyacinth,lisianthus, and helleborus

 Modern greenhouse horticulture means that "spring" flowers are no longer limited to spring and can be enjoyed throughout the winter months.

Anemones, bouvardia,  tulips, freesia, waxflower, and helleborus

Commercially grown spring flowers such as tulips, irises, and anemones are available in flower shops from November until late May or early June. Greenhouse daffodils and hyacinth are available in early January and no longer mark the onset of spring.

Hyacinth,Viburnum, Helleborus, and Muscari

A sure sign that spring is finally here is the ornamental plum trees suddenly changing from dull stark branches to full fluffy clouds of white blossoms. Helleborus and muscari have come into bloom and soon the garden will come alive with the fresh perfume of all kinds of colourful flowers.