Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Mother's Day Flowers-Victoria BC-Heart of the Home Floral Designs

Mom is the heart of the home so for this year I decided to incorporate a home and garden theme for my Mother's Day Floral Designs.

In many cases I have used household items for containers such as wine goblets,Chintz bowls,teacup sets,teapots, jugs, herb pots or garden urns just to name a few.Mom will have a keepsake she can use again and remember your Mother's Day gift throughout the year.

I will also have a wide range of other vases and containers to appeal to all ages ranging from the popular funky shoes and chemistry beakers for young moms to modern stream lined glass vases to painted baskets for grandmothers.

Mothers do so much for their children no matter what age their children are. Show her how much you appreciate her caring help, guidance, and love with something special just for her.

The Mother's Day selections can be found in the "Holiday and Monthly" section on my website