Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fabulous Fall Flowers in Victoria BC by Artistry in Bloom

 Viburnum berries, China Berries, Kale,                             Died red sunflowers and orange roses.
and black peppers.

Autumn's bountiful harvest is reflected in flower arrangements as berries, kale, peppers,grasses, sedum, twigs, and coloured leaves become an integral part of the design.
Earth toned chrysanthemums are a well known fall flower but craspedia, pods, celosia, echinacia, and many other unusual flowers provide tecture for fall flower arrangements.

Summer sunlight turns into the crisp light of fall and that brilliance is reflected in the bold orange, yellow,gold, and rust toned flowers that take center stage for the few short months of autumn before winter brings it's own set of unique and wonderful flowers to discover.