Thursday, October 22, 2009

Samples of our floral designs and wedding bouquets

Welcome to our first blog. I thought the best way to introduce you to Artistry in Bloom's style would be to attach a video featuring some samples of our designs.
I decided to close my city center flower shop back in 2004 so that I could shift my focus from shop manager/owner to flowers and floral design which is my true passion.
Working from a studio has enabled me to provide added benefits to my customers such as our E:Bloom service. Many customers order online from cities around the world and do not get a chance to see the actual arrangement that was delivered for them.We give you peace of mind by designing the arrangement, taking a picture, and emailing it to you. I think customers should be able to see what they purchased and decided to provide this service free of charge for orders of $80 or more. I actually try to send pictures for anybody that wants them regardless of the price but felt I had to put a price point for times when it is simply too busy to take pictures of every arrangement.
I hope you enjoy the video and look forward to giving you insights into the world of floral design.