Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Flower Puppies

This is the first in a series of blogs relating to some of our specialty floral arrangements.

I started designing flower puppies four years ago after my niece sent me a picture of one from the Philipines and I thought they were just adorable.

The puppies are popular for new baby arrangements and anyone that loves dogs.
They must be ordered a few days ahead simply because they take some time to create and it can be hard to get flowers that look like fur.

My flower puppies are the size of real puppies and I try to make them look as real as possible. I want them to look like you might think you could just pick them up and give them a hug.

They each have a unique personality.

Several years ago I added teddy bears and bunnies and I'll probably try a kitten next.

Over the years I have sent puppies ,bears, and bunnies to the children's ward at Victoria General Hospital to give a little cheer to the children during their hospital stay. Sometimes I think the nurses get more of a kick out of them then the children.

I hope you enjoy these little creatures as much as I enjoy making them.