Friday, December 4, 2009

Funky Flower Shoes

My shoe floral designs were inspired by Oprah Winfrey when I went to her Live Your Best Life Seminar in Seattle in 2003. It is well documented the Oprah loves shoes. During the seminar she mentioned that a shoe store had opened up just for her the night before so that she could buy the red shoes she was wearing to go with her red outfit.

I realized that many women really love shoes and ,of course, most women love flowers so why not combine the two?

I use real shoes in my designs. It obviously would be too expensive to use high quality new shoes as containers but I wanted to use new shoes rather than re-cylced old shoes . It has been very challenging to find inexpensive but stylish shoes or funky shoes to use in my designs.Strangely enough I have found the best place to buy shoes is in women's clothing stores that also carry a few shoes rather than shoe stores.
The shoe arrangements can be found in the funky section of my website .Most of the designs are on the funky side but they can also be quite elegant like the white bridal centerpiece shoe design.